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No Pics!

Yesterday I fished in an open tournament with my friend’s bass club.  With the sudden and welcome onset of nice weather, I think spring fever hit all of Tennessee at the same time because there were boats all over the back creeks and the main river, more than I’ve ever seen.  This open was one of five, with the result being cumulative and the final winner gets a $1,000 prize.  So, my friend was all about catching fish and getting them in the livewell and keeping them healthy, which meant no time to take pics of the fish.  Even so, we had one of our spotted bass start doing the float so we released it rather than risking it dying and having to take a one-pound penalty.  We ended up in 5th place out of 20-something boats which isn’t bad, but also not good considering the caliber of anglers in that club…we have a rough road ahead of us if we want to catch up.

IMG_2068IMG_2069 (2)

Above, an osprey guarding its nest.


I was throwing a 6” basstrix swimbait, hoping for a big momma but caught this fish instead when it inhaled the swimbait.  Still not sure if it’s a big white bass or a hybrid but unfortunately neither species counts in a tournament as only LM, spotted bass and smallmouth are allowed smile_sad

Two walking tournaments at ChungPyung

There are two walking tournaments coming in May at ChungPyung, both meeting places are at JaraSum (island)..

May 4th – ShimTong Cup. Meeting time 05:30, tournament times – 07:00~12:00.

20,000 tournament fee, women and children 10,000.

Good prizes given away.

Shimtong amateur

May 18th – Daiwa Cup. Meeting time 06:00, tournament times – 08:00~12:00.

30,000 tournament fee, women and children 25,000.

Good prizes given away.

Daiwa amateur

Banax Amateur walking tournament

Banax walking tournament. Banax is the main sponsor.

Tournament place – Hapcheon Lake (North of Jinju, in the South)

Tournament dates and times – April 20th, meeting time 6:30~7:30. Tournament times – 8:00~12:30

2 bass limit.

20,000 tournament fee (10,000 for women and children)

Great prizes given away in this tournament!!

Banax amateur

JS Company Amateur walking tournament

This weekend is the first walking tournament of the year at Idong lake. Themain sponsor for this tournament is JS Company. There is a bunch of prizes, good prizes for the top 15 places and a bunch more usually given away in random drawings.

Meeting time – 7:00~8:00 a

Tournament time – 8:30~12:30 (weighin closes at 13:30)

JS Company amateur

Had a pretty good weekend

Last weekend was the 2nd KSA tournament of the year. I took my camper to Andong for storage and for sleeping in during tournaments.


Onto the fishing. I fished Saturday’s practice and caught a bunch, and I think all were keepers, including several at 3 pounds and over.



Sundays fishing was even better, I had a great start to the day with an awesome #4 starting number. I caught more and bigger bass, all on my SureCatch Ala-Master Alabama rig.


And to top off the weekend, I weighed in 7,510g / 16.5lb which was good enough for 3rd place and a bit of cash in the (wife’s) pocket, lol.


It’s Been A While

Between the cold winter we had here and some stuff I’ve been busy with lately, I haven’t had the chance to head out.  Today, we finally had some (halfway) decent weather so Tom and I headed out on the river.  I say halfway decent weather because all morning, we had a cold, hard wind blowing us all over the water.  The front that came through last night shut the fish down for the most part; we caught a few dinks (LM & spotted bass) but no keepers.

We did manage to find some white bass which was fun, they were all the size of the fish above and were caught on Blue Fox silver inline spinners and Little Cleo blue/silver spoons.

I recently upgraded the fish finder on the bow to an Elite 7x HDI and had the hardest time trying to figure out why it wouldn’t show the downscan this morning and after I played with it a while and started getting frustrated, I realized that during setup, I had chosen a generic transducer, not the HDI one smile_embaressed.  Once I corrected that, I started getting great downscan images and life was good LOL.

Idong Lake lunker

I saw this posted on a Korean guys blog. Don’t know too many details, except it was caught today and it was over 50cm!!

1393931450185_1393919780049 1393931450717_1393919783080 1393931451335_1393919786868

KSA schedule update.

There has been a few changes to the schedule, mostly the Amateur walking tournament (Ron).

KSA schedule update

Another Video

This is from a few weeks ago, some guys from a local forum I check out going for striper at the Gallatin Steam Plant in Nashville:

Cool Video

If possible, watch in HD and fullscreen

Andong will be busy this year!!

There is a new Pro Bass Tournament League in Korea starting this year, making the total of 4. The new one is called LFA.

Three of these leagues (KSA, KBFA & LFA) are all fishing at Andong this year. This means that most weekends have a tournament at Andong. That’s going to put a lot of pressure on the fish  Sad smile

Here’s the Andong schedule…..

Andong schedule

2014 KSA schedule is out!

Here’s the English version of the KSA tournament schedule for this year!!

KSA tounrament schedule 2014 - ENG

First “Bass” of 2014

Ok, so it was a white bass…but a bass it was smile_teeth

As some of you may know, we have had some brutally cold, record-breaking temperatures here which have brought local water temperatures down into the 30s and lower 40s but Friday’s forecast was for a balmy 54 degrees so my friend and I headed down to the marina lagoon to see if the white bass were still in there and biting.

The fishing was tough.  When we got there at 9, another boat was just packing up and they told us they had been fishing since around 5 and hadn’t caught a single fish and that the white bass had left the building.  We cruised all over that lagoon, watching the electronics and whenever we saw what looked like fish, we threw various lures.  We finally figured out that the white bass were still there, but with the low water temps (40 degrees), they were lethargic and not in a chasing mood.  The only thing they would hit was a blade bait, fished super slow and I think we had to pretty much bring the lure right past their nose before they would hit it.  Unfortunately, just as we thought we had a pattern down, my buddy developed some boat issues which cut our day short and we only ended up with 3 fish caught.

Some White Bass

Today was my day off so with this beautiful weather, I headed out in search of white bass…and found them. I was cruising back and forth when I saw what looked like a school of fish near the bottom on my fish finder so I drifted a ways past that point and then started casting past the school and reeling back in. I was using a silver Blue Fox inline spinner and they were nailing it…but, I had to cast past them, let the lure sink to the bottom and then reel it in very slow, just fast enough to spin the blade. If I used a faster retrieve, they wouldn’t touch it. I also tried a Little George and a redeye shad and they wouldn’t hit either of those lures. I’m guessing I caught around 30 or so and then it started getting too crowded for me so I headed home. Water temps were around 48, and the water in the marina lagoon was slightly stained but not as bad as the main river. What a beautiful day to be outside on the water!

And here are a few scenery pics…

Last bass of 2013

I was given the opportunity to fish on my buddy’s boat yesterday (my boat is still in the shop). Since the family and I are flying to Thailand on Thursday, this was definitely my last trip on the water this year.

I took just one rod with me and a box of jigs and trailer worms. I wanted to get some confidence in jig fishing and it worked out perfect. My buddy was fishing his dropshot and Texas rigs and he managed to catch 3 bass. With my jigs I caught 6 decent sized bass  Smile

The water temps were low, between 38~40 degrees and I was fishing the jigs slooooowly.


This bass below was the biggest of the day, at 40cm / 16 inch.


And this bass was about 15 inches, and my last bass of 2013.


Merry Christmas everyone, and all the best for the New Year. See you on the water…..tightlines!!