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Considering there are only a handful (if that) of us that use this site anymore, I’ve decided to forego the annual fee and use a free service.  The new URL is

2015 Andong tournament schedule (all leagues)

Here is the 2015 schedule for Andong 2015, all 3 leagues (KSA, KBFA and LFA). It’s going to be another busy year at Andong with even more fishing pressure. Will be tough on the bass.

Also note that the KSA Andong International tournament will be on June 14th 2015.

Andong schedule


Sorry about lack of fishing reports lately but for me, life has been busy.  First and foremost, we got a Doberman puppy back in late May and this girl has been taking up a LOT of my time, as some of you may know if you’ve ever had a puppy.


This was Mocha the day before the breeder had her ears cropped.


A few days after we drove up to Burlington, KY to pick her up from the breeder so she was around 12 weeks old.


Mocha at 4 months.


And some pics from within the last month.  Between the daily training, the weekly puppy classes and the fact she is an attention hog and always wants to play, she has taken up a lot of my time the last few months.  I’ve also had a few things going on in my personal/family life; nothing too serious but it’s been enough to keep me off the water.  I hope to get back out there soon.  My question is, where has Steve been???

Back in the saddle

I finally had some time to get out on the water so my buddy Tom and I headed out bright and early this morning and it turned out to be a good day. 60 degrees when we started out and a nice 79 when we got back to the ramp at 10 (I had to quit early due to having a lunch date with my wife and daughter). We both caught a couple of decent bass; I caught the one bass on a Senko and the bigger one on a jig, Tom caught his fish on a 5" Senko (another Senko convert! Thumbs up. Too bad we can’t catch fish like this whenever I fish with him during one of his bass club open tournaments!


And, a couple of scenery pics…


Finally Wet A Line

Well, thanks to the guilt trip that Tex Mex recently put on us in the comments section for nobody having any fishing reports, and also to Nomad, Steve and Ron for asking me repeatedly over the past couple of months how the fishing has been going stateside, I finally decided to get off my bum and get out there. 

Feeling a bit knackered and fagged (British slang for Steve LOL), I headed out at 0445 this past Saturday morning to a place called Morse Reservoir.  It’s located about ten miles north of my house in between  the towns of Noblesville and Cicero, Indiana.  I arrived there shortly after 5 only to learn that the sun doesn’t come up until about 6 these days. Ha!  I fiddled around in the dark for about twenty minutes, straightening out what little gear I brought with me, and also trying to tie a knot for the first time in well over a year!  Sadly, what I could do blindfolded before took me several minutes to accomplish!  At any rate, it was still pitch dark outside so I decided to get on with it anyway.  I fished for about an hour and didn’t catch a thing until well after sunrise, and when I did they were all small like the one pictured below.   


Morse is a very pretty lake but unfortunately it’s covered with residential housing, which leaves very few options for the bank fisherman (like me).  It is a beautiful lake though and would be a great spot for a family picnic and/or feeding the large flock of fairly tame geese your daughter’s leftover potato chips! 

20140719_080200     20140717_191522

Later in the afternoon I took my daughter out with me to a place called Eagle Creek Reservoir.  It’s much bigger than Morse, and the water is a lot clearer too.  I honestly don’t think I have ever seen fresh water that clear.  Having my daughter with me (she’s only 3) I didn’t expect to catch much, and in fact we didn’t, BUT we had a whole heck of a lot of fun, and I did hook into one (believe it was a smallmouth but not really sure) to the left of where my daughter is standing in the pic below that had my drag screaming.  He also put on a pretty nice air show for us jumping out of the water 3 or 4 times in the 10 seconds or so I had him on.  The last time he jumped, about ten feet from me, he ended up diving back down into a weed bed and that is the last I saw of him.  I did all I could to keep him down but I was standing in water up to my thighs already and when you’re standing in water that deep it’s hard to keep the rod tip low.  At any rate, the one that got away!!  Sucks, because he would have been a nice one, and quite possibly the best fish I have ever caught. 

2014-07-21 12.16.29  20140719_164423

Sunday evening I decided to try out the White River, which is very near my house.  I caught this little guy right away and have no idea what he is.  Given his red eyes, I coined him the hangover fish!  haha


Shortly thereafter I landed a really strong-fighting smallmouth bass.  I wasn’t for sure what he was until I got him up on shore, and still wasn’t until I sent the pic to Nomad for verification.  He was about 16 inches long and probably weighed 2.5 pounds, but he had the strength of a 5 pound bass and the attitude of Bad Bad Leroy Brown!  The little sucker bit me as I was trying to get the hook out of his mouth, and actually drew blood!  And when I say bite, I mean bite!  I couldn’t pull my thumb out of his mouth until I pried his jaws apart with my other hand. 


All in all a pretty good weekend.  Didn’t catch a whole lot of fish, but it was a lot of fun and it felt really good to get out there. 

Okay guys, tag you’re it!  Given that I brought my daughter home with no clothes on wrapped in a blanket and towel on Saturday afternoon, it might be a while before my wife lets me get out there again.  lol  Hey, she was wet from head to toe!!  Winking smile

The Perfect Day

I took my friend Tony and his grandson Joey, who are up here from Florida for a visit, out fishing yesterday morning. It was all about Joey, getting him into some bluegill and letting him “drive” my boat. 


Joey hooked into a nice carp with an ultralight rig with 2-pound test and managed to fight it and bring it in all by himself, which took over 5 minutes of screaming drag and finally, the net to bring the fish in.  I was sweating it the entire time, hoping the 2-pound test wouldn’t break.


Then, he schooled us on how to catch bluegill.


I also let "Captain Joey" drive my boat up and down the river which he really enjoyed.  I showed him how to trim the motor, turn the key and put it in gear but since I have a hot foot, I controlled the gas while I helped him steer.  He thought my top end of 40mph was “really fast” LOL


And to top off my day, I took Tony, who hasn’t fished fresh water in years, to an area where I was pretty sure he could catch a decent bass and let him throw a jig.  He promptly caught a 4-pounder, which made my day.  I was dying to wet a line but this day was for them, and I’ll get plenty of opportunities down the road.

Why I Love The Cumberland River

Met my friend at the ramp at 5:30 this morning (should have said 5) and I was really, really, really, really hoping that we would have weather like we’ve had the last 2 days; overcast and no wind. Well, we got the no wind all right, but what clouds there were cleared out by 8 and it got hot fast.

IMG_0048 (2)IMG_0050 (2)IMG_0052 (2)

I got to witness a nice sunrise while waiting for my friend to show up and we caught a few decent bass so life is good . Water temps were right around 74 and the water was pretty clear today.

I caught all my fish on a 4" black Senko (never saw that coming, did you ) and my buddy caught his on a white finesse worm and a shad-colored Senko knockoff, and one on a spinnerbait.


We caught all our fish very close to rip rap or rocks/rock bluffs, basically anywhere there was shade. We both tried topwater lures early on with no luck. What made it a really good day was that due to it being a weekday, there were only a few other boats on the water today

2014 Mercury Cup Open Pro/Am Tournament

KSA has announced that the June 8th Mercury Open Pro/Am tournament will go ahead. That is good news as Andong will be open “legally” to fish again. For more info regarding the Open tournament, click on the link below.

Main flyer

Awesome catch by TK!!

Got this photo from TK today, a 7.5lb bass from ChungJu Lake. Awesome bass TK!!

tk 75bass

2014 KSA, International DOYO Cup Tournament

Please see below regarding the 2014 Andong International tournament.

Basically, it is the same process as last year.

Please email with any enquiries.

1. Tournament name: 2014 International Bass Open Tournament

2. Organizer: Korea Sport-fishing Association (K.S.A)

3. Sponsor: DOYO Engineering

4. Place: Andong Dam (Ju-Jin Bridge service area)

5. When: Sunday 25th May 2014

Practice: Saturday 24th May, 5:00am ~ 5:00pm

6. Schedule plan for Sunday 25th May:

5:00am – Reception and opening ceremony

6:00am – Partner drawing and tournament start

2:00pm – Weigh-in starts

2:30pm – Weigh-in and tournament ends

3:00pm – Closing ceremony and awards

7. Tournament fee: 100,000won (foreigners/co-anglers)

(Pro anglers score 100 points for participating)

8. Registration:

a) Foreigners/co-anglers are to submit their name, social security number, date of birth and ID card copy.

See below section 10 for more details.

b) Deadline for registration is Monday 19th May. This is so that insurance can be organized.

9. Prizes (total amount for prizes will be announced ASAP)

1st place: plaque and prizes (TBA)

2nd place: plaque and prizes (TBA)

3rd place: plaque and prizes (TBA)

4th place: plaque and prizes (TBA)

5th place: plaque and prizes (TBA)

10. Other information:

a) Non-KSA Pro foreign anglers are welcome to participate in this Open Tournament in their own boats.

b) All foreigners must register through KSA angler Steve Bell by 19th May.

Please transfer the amount (100,000won) to the below bank account and reply to this email for confirmation;

Bank name – NongHyup Bank

Account number – 878-12-163268

c) This year, the entry fee MUST be paid upfront before 19th May(for insurance payment reasons).

d) We are looking for 15 ~ 20 foreigner co-anglers to participate in this year’s event. The foreigners will each fish

with a Korean Pro angler on a draw method basis. Non-Pro foreigners and their co-anglers fishing from their

own boats are not included in the above 15 ~ 20.

e) Foreigners that have participated in the past International Tournaments will have priority in the registration.

f) After the registration closing date of 19th May, KSA will join all foreigners/co-anglers as a bulk insurance group.

A copy of each foreigner’s ID card is required for insurance reasons. (The insurance fee is included in the entry


11. Accommodation reservations:

Andong hotel (formerly California hotel) 054-8540-6223

If You’re Catching Fish, Don’t Move

I committed one of the cardinal sins of fishing today, which is "don’t leave an area if you’re catching fish."  I arrived at the ramp just before dawn and started catching fish right away.  A lot of small and medium ones,  with a few bigger ones thrown in but they were in that marina this morning.


I fished the marina lagoon for about 45 minutes, then had the great idea to run upriver in search of white bass.  As you can tell by the glaring lack of white bass pics, I never did find them.  An interesting side note; as I was drifting back downstream and passed under the 13/48 bridge, I started seeing a huge school of fish on my fish finder.  They were in 20-30 feet of water, suspended 2-10 feet off the bottom and I saw fish for at least 20 yards.  No idea what they were; I stopped and threw a jig, a redeye shad (in case they were white bass) a 10" plastic worm, a chatterbait, and a deep-diving crank bait.  Nothing.  Could have been carp or gar for all I know.

A Crappie, Finally

Gorgeous spring day out today; too bad I have a ton of yard work to do this week, otherwise I’d still be out on the water. Caught my first legal crappie and a couple of decent bass plus a bunch of dinks this morning, and spent a lot of time taking pics with my new camera and lens. I did find out that taking pictures of birds in flight with a zoom lens is quite hard when you’re in a bobbing boat. Now I have some bushes to dig up and some roses to plant. Vacation, indeed

The fish:


The scenery and wildlife pics:


No Pics!

Yesterday I fished in an open tournament with my friend’s bass club.  With the sudden and welcome onset of nice weather, I think spring fever hit all of Tennessee at the same time because there were boats all over the back creeks and the main river, more than I’ve ever seen.  This open was one of five, with the result being cumulative and the final winner gets a $1,000 prize.  So, my friend was all about catching fish and getting them in the livewell and keeping them healthy, which meant no time to take pics of the fish.  Even so, we had one of our spotted bass start doing the float so we released it rather than risking it dying and having to take a one-pound penalty.  We ended up in 5th place out of 20-something boats which isn’t bad, but also not good considering the caliber of anglers in that club…we have a rough road ahead of us if we want to catch up.

IMG_2068IMG_2069 (2)

Above, an osprey guarding its nest.


I was throwing a 6” basstrix swimbait, hoping for a big momma but caught this fish instead when it inhaled the swimbait.  Still not sure if it’s a big white bass or a hybrid but unfortunately neither species counts in a tournament as only LM, spotted bass and smallmouth are allowed smile_sad

Two walking tournaments at ChungPyung

There are two walking tournaments coming in May at ChungPyung, both meeting places are at JaraSum (island)..

May 4th – ShimTong Cup. Meeting time 05:30, tournament times – 07:00~12:00.

20,000 tournament fee, women and children 10,000.

Good prizes given away.

Shimtong amateur

May 18th – Daiwa Cup. Meeting time 06:00, tournament times – 08:00~12:00.

30,000 tournament fee, women and children 25,000.

Good prizes given away.

Daiwa amateur

Banax Amateur walking tournament

Banax walking tournament. Banax is the main sponsor.

Tournament place – Hapcheon Lake (North of Jinju, in the South)

Tournament dates and times – April 20th, meeting time 6:30~7:30. Tournament times – 8:00~12:30

2 bass limit.

20,000 tournament fee (10,000 for women and children)

Great prizes given away in this tournament!!

Banax amateur